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As a geeky kid, growing up in small town Nova Scotia, I began drawing cartoons and comics while trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a “real job”. I came by talents honestly… The Henderson household was a hotbed of creativity. My father and youngest sister are painters, my middle sister an avid photographer and crafter, and my mother an accomplished singer. So, it might surprise you to learn that artistic genius was often referred to as “The Curse” in my family, and certainly not a means of supporting one’s self.

It wasn’t until I met my future wife, a passion-filled, live-out-loud kinda gal, that I decided to quit looking for a “real job” and inflict my Curse on the world!

Now, as a geeky husband and dad in Toronto, Canada, I’m setting the example of a passionate life for our daughter, ChloĆ«, and beloved pets, Atticus and Brix.

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